2010 30 hour Famine- April 23-24

Two Dollars. That’s home much money 2.1 billion people in the world live on each day. Today more than 840 million people will not get enough food to eat. 26,ooo of those people will die. Oh and that is just those who are under the age of 5. Hunger may not be a problem for you, but it is a problem.

That’s why we are participating in WorldVision’s 30 hour famine. We are going to go without food for 30 hours so we can experience just a little of what a lot of people in the world deal with every day.

Here are the Details for the 30 Hour Famine-

– Stop eating at 1pm on Friday April 23rd- no snacks, no candy, just water and juice
– Meet at the church at 7pm Friday night for the 30 hour Famine Event
– We will stay the night at the church so bring a sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes, toiletries, etc.
– Wear comfortable shoes, we are going to be walking through neighborhoods collecting non-perishable food for the Pickerington Food Pantry
– We will attend the Saturday night Service at Sycamore Creek and then break fast together after the service.
– Parents can pick you up any time between 7 and 8 pm Saturday Night

I know it may be hard to think about not eating for 30 hours, but that is only because you have never had to do that before. Join us for the 30 hour famine and see what it means to be truly hungry!


Youth Ski Trip


Student Life Mission Camp

Join us as we head south in July to change lives.  Student Life Mission Camp will provide you with opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life- even if it is your own.  Join us we connect with God through His word, worship, and service!

The Details-

When: July 26-30, 2010
Who: All 7th graders – graduating seniors
Where: Covenant College- Lookout Mountain, GA
Cost: $400

Deposit and Registration due by January 31st!

Get your brochure here: SLMissioncamp2010 



Ignite ’09

I want you to imagine your first day in heaven.  You are walking along the streets of gold, enjoying the perfect weather, and you run in to one of your old  school friends…and then another…and then another.  Man, did everybody in your school have a personal relationship with Christ? 

Now imagine asking each of those schoolmates how they learned about God and his love.  They smile and say…YOU! It could be…if you want God to use you.  How cool would that be?

That’s why you need to attend Ignite ’09

You can check out the band SINCLAIR HEREIgnite flyer for SCC


Extreme Week 2009 is here!!!

I have waited all year for this!  Extreme Week is finally upon us!!!  And it is going to be AWESOME!!!!  For those you who have never experienced Extreme Week, I can’t really explain it.  But maybe this video from last year can….

Extreme Right?  Well that is like the toddler version compared to this year!  Here are the details you need to know for 2009 Extreme Week:
Dates: Sunday, August 9th – Thursday August 13th at Sycamore Creek Church
Time: 8:30pm to 10:30pm (yea that’s right!  It’s Extreme….at Night!!!)
For Who:  Any student entering 7th grade – class of 2009 high school graduates
Cost:  FREE!!! (but if you want to help purchase supplies, see the very bottom)

What else?  Oh yeah.  Each night has a theme.  Click on the list below to see the themes for the nights!

2009 Extreme Week info

Need a 2009 Medical Release Form?  Click here
Want to help with the needed supplies? Click EXTREME WEEK 2009 SUPPLY LIST. Just do me a favor- let me know what you are providing so I don’t buy it!


World Changers 2009 Video



Club ZeroIf you are a 7th – 12th Grade student, then you need to know about Club Zero.  With a DJ playing the latest dance music, video games, pool table and snack shack, Club Zero is a party waiting to happen!

The only thing missing is you! So grab your friends and join us for Club Zero. Dance, Play. Chill. It’s all at Club Zero!

When: Friday, May 22nd 8pm -11pm
Where: Sycamore Creek Church “The Toaster”
Who: All students 7th – 12th Grade
Cost: Free!!! (snacks will be available for purchase)